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MARCH 2022

Built on sand: on the security of Collaborative Machine Learningby Dario Pasquini (EPFL)

Date : 25 march 2022
Place : Web-conference – (Access code: 192737)

This talk is about inaccurate assumptions, unrealistic trust models, and flawed methodologies affecting current collaborative machine learning techniques. In the presentation, we cover different security issues concerning both emerging approaches and well-established solutions in privacy-preserving collaborative machine learning. We start by discussing the inherent insecurity of Split Learning and peer-to-peer collaborative learning. Then, we talk about the soundness of current Secure Aggregation protocols in Federated Learning, showing that those do not provide any additional level of privacy to users.
Ultimately, the objective of this talk is to highlight the general errors and flawed approaches we all should avoid in devising and implementing “privacy-preserving collaborative machine learning.

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