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MARCH 2021

Does Facebook use sensitive data for advertising?” by José González Cabañas (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain)

Date : 12 march 2021
Place : BBB: (access code: 685044)

Large online platforms use personal data, for example, your interests, to allow advertisers to reach you based on the things you like. But did you know some of these interests they use are associated with sensitive information directly linked to your social profile? In this talk, I will talk about the definition of sensitive data in terms of the General Data Protection Regulation in Europe (GDPR). What does the GDPR say about its use? And how large social networks like Facebook use it to deliver you ads? We will see how many Facebook users are labeled with sensitive information around the world. Our findings show that a significant portion of Facebook users is tagged with some potentially sensitive ad preferences onto their profiles. This is important in terms of privacy. We will check if there are differences between countries. And finally, I will discuss the risks associated with this undesirable use of our data.


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